Last Month’s tasting was:
“Let’s Go to Portugal”:  Saturday, May 20, 2017

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Please join us at our May meeting for a special tasting of exceptional Portuguese wines and foods!

Portugal is well known for Port, but it also produces fresh, flavorful white wines and bold, food-friendly red wines made from over 300 native grape varieties.

Come and enjoy a tasting of some wines from Portugal that can be found locally, paired with a tasting of some delicious Portuguese-style cuisine.

Wines tasted:
Entry Wine: 2014 Terras de Alter Fado Branco, $5.99 @Marketview
Wine #1: 2015 Quinta da Aveleda Vinho Verde, $7.99 @Marketview
Wine #2: 2014 Quinta da Alorna Branco, $8.99 @ Padulas in Geneva
Wine #3: 2015 JP Azeitao Tinto, $8.99 @Henrietta Discount Liquor
Wine #4: 2015 JP Caves Velhas Cathedral Tinto, $10.99 @Wate Street Wines in Penn Yan
Wine #5: 2013 Real Companhia Velha Porca de Murca Tinto, $7.99 @Marketview
Wine #6: 2008 DFJ Vinhos Consensus Tinto, $11.49 @Marketview
Wine #7: Sandman Ruby Porto, $13.49 @Marketwiew
Wine #8: Sandeman Twenty Years Old Tawny Porto, $46.99 @Marketwiew

The #1voted wine to be added to “Your Cellar” was the
Sandman 20 Year Old Tawny Porto.

#2 was a tie between wine #4 & #5

#3 was wine #2